What do we understand by caring? Caring for the people of the older generation is not easy; they are as fragile as children and need to be well taken care of in today’s fast-moving world. Where both the husband and wife are working, there I no one to stay at home with the elderly. But they need someone to stay back to look after them, and what if there is an emergency? In rising heart strokes and cardiac arrest cases, a trained caregiver and the patient must always be involved. We at stroke caregiver singapore have trained staff who are there at your lowest.

What do we do?

There is a vast difference between trained specialists and everyday caregivers. The Agency of Integrated Care has trained our stroke specialists. Our caregivers are specialized in these fields. Start improving ad investing in the health of your loved ones with professional health care services, and stay stress-free. We will take care of the patient like our family.

How are we trained?

stroke caregiver singapore

The Agency of Integrated care, Singapore, conducts training sessions for exceptional caregivers. The agency is distinguished in training personnel in healthcare services, such as tube feeding, sanitizing equipment, operating and cleaning the equipment, operating special care devices, timely feeding medicines, and giving stroke care to the required patients. Our experienced and certified servicemen know fluent English, Chinese, and Malay. The training lasts two months and is conducted for 2 hours daily.

Why us?

Stroke caregivers are not your usual caregivers. They are medical practitioners who undergo intense training and guidance session under practical circumstances to become experts. Since a person who has suffered a stroke has very fragile health, and it is essential to treat them with caution, our healthcare specialists take all the possible steps to ensure that utmost precision is undertaken.

Also, the trained personnel under us get placement assistance after their training duration is over. They get escalated from their position as caregivers to professional healthcare servicemen. So, we provide guidance and ensure that our trainees find the right career in their field.

Our cost of services

The cost of the above caregiving varies as per the requirement. We charge accordingly if the personnel is required only for the day shift.

Choose from our professional healthcare services and give the best facilities to your loved one, stay stress-free the responsibility.