Progear Bikes is operated and owned by an Australian company providing the best value-for-money bikes for almost 20 years. They are dedicated to making sure that everyone gets the chance to enjoy the excitement of pedaling. Regardless of the fitness level or riding ability, with an excellent quality yet affordable range to suit almost everyone. All models are manufactured in Melbourne and in-house. These e-bike manufacturer like Progear Bikes in Australia devoted their effort and time to give the general public. With the best kinds of and value of electric trikes and electric bikes.

The concept of Progear

They provide Australians with the best-valued trikes and bikes with their direct-to-public business model. They design, create, and test their bikes and sell to you directly which makes their prices affordable. Their bikes are top-notch, doing some tough quality control tests to provide you with an industry-leading warranty for a new trike or bike purchase. Progear manufactures e-trikes and e-bikes that are economical, functional, and suitable for everyone. Progear Bikes provides a broad variety of e-bikes that could be enjoyed by people of all shapes, ages, and sizes. Their collection ranges from electric mountain bikes to classic electricity bikes that are perfect for riding off-road.

Be familiar with the health benefits of riding your bike

  • Create a healthy heart

This is an activity that turns your heart beat faster, lowering your resting heart rate, and lowering blood pressure. You can get the same cardiovascular rewards from cycling as you would get from dancing, running, or walking.

  • Lower your risk of cancer

Embracing physical activities like running or biking, eating a lot of lean proteins, and leafy vegetables, and getting regular exercise. It will aid you in lowering your cancer risk and keeping a healthy weight.

  • Reduce arthritis symptoms

Cycling is a lightweight bearing method of exercise with lower injury rates than other cardiovascular activities. It plays a vital role in maintaining knee joint mobility and strengthening leg muscles.

  • Lose body fat and have a slimmer physique

Biking will provide you with a full-body workout without even realizing it. Your arms, shoulders, and core are activated as you balance the bike.

  • Calorie burning

This is the major reason why a lot of people love biking. Some models are easy and others are much more intensive. You can expect to burn about 260 calories, it depends on weight, pace, length of session, and resistance.

Know the different kinds of electric bikes you can buy from Progear

  • Electricity City Bikes

The classic and sleek designs of their electric commuter bikes can glide easily through busy streets.

  • Electric Mountain Bikes

Progear comes up with the best-valued electric mountain bikes in the market that you can use every day.

  • Electric Folding Bikes

These kinds of electric bikes are ideal for those who are always on the go.