Before you book a new room, use Google Maps and Street View to learn about the area. Find out what restaurants, amenities, student hotspots, and hangouts are in the area, and decide if they fit your needs. It’s also worth doing an online search to make sure the apartment for rent near flinders university is student-friendly and safe. Universities should also be able to advise on this issue. Also, if you plan to travel around, make sure you have access to public transport.

Learn about student housing

apartment for rent near flinders university

  • You will need to deposit a deposit in your new home, typically 1 month or 6 weeks of rent, which will be returned at the time of eviction if it remains the same as it was at the beginning of the lease.
  • Utility costs (energy costs, internet, water, cable) are typically added to private accommodation, so keep that in mind when comparing costs. In university halls, this is usually included in the monthly rent.
  • Be wary of additional charges such as parking spaces, laundry facilities, or the use of concierge services in some apartment blocks.
  • Just like international students, you will need to find furnished accommodation or order the necessary furniture and appliances upon arrival (except if you want to ship them from home, of course). Make sure amenities such as a washing machine, refrigerator is included in the house. Some housing options also provide bedding for students travelling abroad.
  • Apartment blocks and university dormitories can sometimes provide access to facilities such as swimming pools or gyms, saving students who have to pay extra for membership.

Check if your accommodation has any safety features, such as the entrance to the security door, the security guards, or CCTV in the common area. This will give you and your family peace of mind.

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