Enrol International School In Hong Kong: Online Application Is Available

Whether you live outside Hong Kong, you can still apply for an enrolment to take your academic school years until graduation. The only requirement is the student must hold a valid Hong Kong visa before the start date. The International School Debenture Hong Kong accepts students’ online applications as long as they have a valid visa.

All debentures can be optional. However, the main benefit conferred by the debenture is giving the holder priority in the school places. Another benefit is the debenture holder is exempted from the Capital Enrolment Fee.

What is the debenture of schools in Hong Kong?

Debentures are how the student’s parents contribute to the long-term funding of the school. How does debenture cost? It may range from HK$25,000 to HK$10M for top international schools for every child. Schools may reduce the price for the second and third child who will be entering the same school. Others call it a discount if you let all your student children are already schooling.

Online application

First-time users must create an account to access the online application form. If you are planning to apply online, create an account first to register. The registration is only one time and it takes a minute to complete. After successful registration, login and apply.

Inquiry-based learning approach

Inquiring-based learning is an approach for active learning, starting by:

  • posing questions
  • problems
  • scenarios

It differs from traditional education, which generally relies on the teacher delivering facts and their knowledge about the subject. The approach prioritizes problems that need creative and critical thinking, so students develop abilities, such as:

  • ask questions
  • design investigations
  • interpret evidence
  • form explanations and arguments
  • communicate findings

There are activities in this learning approach taking many forms, including:

  • research papers
  • egg-drop experiments
  • historical fiction readings

The strategy has a lot of benefits for the learners, including problem-solving abilities and greater critical thinking.

The inquiry-based learning approach is designed to boost student engagement. There are inquiry-based strategies, including the effective method of instruction for all students with exceptional learning needs. Studies found that the method of teaching is beneficial for students who are:

  • self-contained classroom
  • resource room
  • inclusion settings

The method of learning and instruction is essential to create meaningful experiences in multiple subjects and is easily implemented in science lessons for students with special learning needs.

The challenge of inquiry-based learning is it asks students to take more responsibility for the learning, and it ensures they remain on task and get motivated because the direction of learning is controlled by the students, which naturally encourages participation and engagement.

Cognitive skills that students develop can be used to demonstrate and boost comprehension all over the subject areas and as being generalized in daily life and living skills.

The International School Debenture Hong Kong offers an inspiring world of education using an inquiry-based learning approach, for students at ages 5 to 18. Prepare your kids starting from age 5. The pioneering STEMinn program develops the critical skills of the children by combining innovative projects with the latest technology. Graduates in the school can receive diplomas, offering access to the top universities around the world.