Some say the first three months after giving birth is called the fourth trimester. And for some moms, it feels like it’s the most tiring because they have just given birth, and they’re waking up every three to four hours just to feed and comfort their newborn. Sometimes, they don’t get enough sleep if their baby is born colicky and fussy. However, there’s one way to make it easier for parents. It’s called a baby swaddle, which you use when your baby is sleeping. It helps them get better sleep, which means you also get rest.

With Love to Dream’s baby swaddle, you won’t have to worry about using baby swaddling techniques. Their award-winning hands-up design allows more room for them to self-comfort while still feeling like they’re snug and warm. But what other baby swaddling tips should you remember? Don’t worry because we have got you some advice here.

Baby Swaddle

Take Note of the Temperature

Whenever you swaddle a baby, their bodies will be covered. Therefore, you should consider the temperature of the room and your baby’s body too. They shouldn’t feel too overheated, or it’ll end up with consequences. So when you swaddle them, make sure you’re using a cloth that’s not too thick if it’s a hot day. Or turn the AC on to ensure that they still feel cool inside. Additionally, Love to Dream also gives you the option to choose the right fabric for your newborn. For instance, if you live in a tropical country, then it’s better to select a swaddle that won’t make them feel too hot.

Consider the Material of the Swaddle

As mentioned above, you will be covering your baby’s body when you swaddle them. So it’s always safe to choose a kind of fabric that’s not too irritating. Some of the top choices are cotton and muslin. In addition, remember not to put any additional material on top of your baby like a blanket. It can cause them to overheat, which is something you never want to happen. Furthermore, ensure to follow safety guidelines and keep any toys or anything that could suffocate them away. Lay them on a firm and flat surface to be safe.

Never Cover Above Their Shoulders

Finally, you should never swaddle your baby above the shoulders. Their neck and head should never be swaddled or covered because it can suffocate or choke them. Therefore, you must ensure that the swaddle isn’t loose because if they move, it can cover their face. Thankfully, Love to Dream’s baby swaddle is specially designed for this reason also. You only need to zip it up, which also eliminates swaddle unraveling while they’re sleeping soundly. Plus, it allows them to self-soothe without you worrying if their faces are covered by the fabric.