Showering is the best thing one can do at home after a stressful day. Just standing under the flow of the shower provides a kind of relief that not even your favourite show can provide at that time. But getting the water to the right temperature is always the place where the problem lies and that is why shower mixer Singapore exists.

Getting these taps for your shower ensures that the water temperature is just right to spend another two hours under the shower head. The mixing is done internally and depends on the water supply externally. But there are many kinds of mixer showers to choose from as well.

Single Lever Taps

These taps have only one tap that moves up and down to control the flow of water. It controls the pressure with which the water flows out of the shower head. Sometimes, you just want it to hit you hard on the skin, but otherwise, a drizzle is enough from the shower head.

The lever at the side is used to adjust it to the right temperature. This adjustment is one-time as after that the temperature of the water at that lever stage remains the same. Sometimes, you want a cold shower and other times you want a hot shower. Adjusting the lever accordingly ensures that the right temperature is set.

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Sequential Mixer Taps

You rotate to get the right temperature is the ideal way for this tap. It makes life simpler as your shower process reduces by a lot. Just rotate it until you reach the right temperature and let the water just flow out. This ensures that the water set to the temperature remains the same until further adjustments are made on a different day.

The only drawback of this model is that the pressure of the flow of water from the showerheads cannot be adjusted unless you have installed a separate lever for that. these pipes and inlets can be either concealed or shown outside depending on the requirement.

Bar Mixer Taps

Having one too many taps, levers and tap heads can be quite distracting during a shower, often enough one can get confused between one and the other. instead of adjusting the water flow, you might end up adjusting the temperature and now extremely hot water is flowing, burning your skin.

But if all these controls were on the same bar with the right indications, then it becomes a lot easier. That is why bar mixer taps are the most famous ones and can be installed vertically or horizontally.