Transplant surgeries have evolved over the years. Many organs are now being transplanted as long as they are viable and the recipients can take care of such organs. Organ transplant is a very delicate procedure, albeit simple, it still requires an expert, an organ transplant doctor or a doctor in general. If you are looking for an organ transplant centre, you should check bashir dawood.

An organ transplant institute is your best shot at getting a healthy organ and even getting yourself top care.

What is an organ transplant?

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An organ transplant is a medical procedure whereby a viable organ is removed from one body and placed into the body of a recipient, to either replace damaged or missing organs. The organ can either be transported from one location to another or the donor and the recipient could be at the same place or location.

Types of transplant surgeries

  • Autologous transplant. This is when your blood cells or bone marrow are used.
  • Allogeneic transplant. This is done with a donor’s blood, stem cells or bone marrow. A syngeneic allogeneic transplant is done with the cells or bone marrow of a person’s identical twin.

Solid organ transplants include:

  • Auto islet cell transplant. This is done after the pancreas has been removed due to a chronic illness.
  • Corneal transplant. This is when a damaged or diseased cornea is replaced.
  • Heart transplant. This is an option reserved for someone with consecutive heart failure, CHF and if not responding to treatment.
  • Intestinal transplant. This option is reserved for those with short bowel syndrome and is not responding to treatment or has been placed on the tube to aid their feeding.
  • Kidney and liver transplant.
  • Lung transplant.

A bone marrow or blood transplant is an example of a stem cell transplant.

Organ transplant has helped a lot of people and will continue to. There are many benefits you stand to gain from an organ transplant, even as an organ donor.

Many organ donors even because they have to undergo a series of tests to check for the viability of the organ for transplant, some diseases are immediately diagnosed and treated. As a recipient of an organ, you stand the chance of extending your life and even having a second chance at life.

As a donor, you should know that you are not only helping the recipient of your organ but also helping their families.

However, you need to know that to note, you must not have any health issues, meaning that you must be healthy yourself.