Cosmetic nurses or aesthetics are no different from a nurse that they have a sincere impact on a patient’s life. From the use of non-invasive procedures like injectables and skincare treatment, you may aid people as part of their professional path. Providing pre and post-operative care for plastic surgery also patient care while working under the direction of an aesthetic nurse can assist the plastic surgeon and cosmetic dermatologists.

In Australia, a cosmetic nurse course specialises in the best training available on the marketplace. With a specialisation in cosmetic injectables, CPD Institute provides the most advanced cosmetic training with a safe and friendly environment, good teaching, and professional growth of top priorities at CPD Institutes of Australia. All courses are engaging and taught by some of the most well-respected people in the field.

Cosmetic Training

What CPD offers nursing programs in cosmetics?

At CPD, it is a fulfilling career choice for nurses in cosmetics nursing. Globally, the aesthetic today is expanding quickly, with non-invasive procedures, such as laser, body shaping, and other cosmetic injectables seeing major expansion.

As the expansion of cosmetic clinics opens in Australia, there is a growing need for training in cosmetic medicine, nursing, and dermal therapies.

The CPD website will serve as a resource for nurses who wish to add cosmetic treatment to their practice.

  • Professional Qualification In Cosmetic Nursing
  • Cosmetic Injectable Modules
  • Platelets-Rich Plasma of PRP
  • Advanced Skin Science
  • Mesotherapy
  • Business Courses
  • Coaching Courses
  • First-Aid Courses
  • Private Training
  • Dermaplaning Courses
  • PDO Mono Threads Course
  • CPD Nurse Membership

What is the purpose of CPD Nurse membership?

CPD Nurse Membership is to support nurses trained in cosmetic and aesthetic medicine. There is also a pathway to make a run on your business as a cosmetic nurse injector that will train supporting doctors. However, there are benefits of CPD membership for nurses, such as the following:

  • CPD membership for nurses will communicate at Skype/Facetime consultation and prescription orders with doctors and access your iPad app to know what you need to practice securely.
  • Place an order for medicine directly with the pharmacy.
  • CPD’s ongoing support & guidance.
  • CPD members receive free training every year.
  • Nurses with CPD memberships have priority access to special events.
  • CPD members can access CPD Nurse FB Groups
  • You can avail CPD nurse handbook to all CPD members.

What advantages of these courses?

  • In the cosmetic industry, aesthetic nurses are taking courses because they have the required sets of skills and because the market is expanding.
  • Nurses can learn to apply skin treatments and other cosmetic procedures in a part-time or full-time cosmetic business.
  • Cosmetic nurses can earn more income, and more are enrolling in aesthetic nursing courses, such as botox treatments which typically cost approximately £300 and might make $1,500 a week. A monthly income of £6,000 might be possible!