Guide for Commercial Construction

About Commercial Contractor.

commercial general contractors will look after the construction project from start to finish. In short, they are in charge of managing all phases of a construction project. These works range from permitting to build-out, including plumbing and electrical works. Before the commencement of any project, the general contractor visits the site and makes recommendations and plans for the scope of construction work.

They are leading the team of skilled construction workers and trade professionals, as well as serving to coordinate when it comes to communicating with any other vendors for the works like interior designers or landscape architects throughout the execution of work. The commercial contractor is a general contractor who is working with a special focus on commercial construction projects. Usually, a general contractor owns a construction company or a construction professional has the experience, is long-standing, and is trained in the construction industry. They work on a construction project for taking overall control of the construction project by

  • Preparing plans and finalizing the design of the building.
  • Taking care of the soil investigation and ground preparation works.
  • Procedure for permission and licenses from local authorities.
  • Making arrangements for the necessary equipment for the execution of the project
  • Find Vendors for the supply of materials for the project.
  • Deputing the contractors and sub-contractors and managing them.
  • Making financial payments for the smooth progress of the project.

Functions Of a Commercial General Contractor:

Project Planning

The contractor has to plan for the execution of work and to assign tasks to each team with a timeline to complete those tasks. Identifying and carrying out the activity in a phased manner so that the work gets done to complete the project and even calculating estimated costs to do that work.

Communication Management

Communication is the most important part of ensuring success for the entire project. Being the person in charge of a commercial construction project, the general contractor ensures that the complete communication infrastructure is in place during the entire phase of the construction project.

Quality Management

The contractor also takes care of the quality of the material which is best suited for the project ensuring that the quality selected is the most durable for the project. The contractor will order the required quantity of materials from reliable suppliers and depute a quality control officer to examine the quality of materials received throughout the project to prevent the entry of inferior quality and damaged materials for the project.


General terms and conditions are a necessary part of a construction project and are expected to be included in a general contractor’s proposal to the owner. The conditions include building infrastructure using available resources for effective and efficient working conditions for the business.