Why Your NetSuite CRM is missing the Mark (And How to Fix It)

Why Your NetSuite CRM is missing the Mark (And How to Fix It)

NetSuite Business Intelligence provides real-time dashboards, reports and analysis for all processes integrated into the software suite. The conclusions proposed by the software represent real added value. Indeed, by providing users with real-time visibility on issues, trends and opportunities while giving them the tools to dig into the underlying information, decision-making is informed and the resulting actions are effective.

Additional features for the experience

The focus on customer experience establishes the total NetSuite experience. NetSuite CRM brings together considerations such as role-based authentication, a best-in-class user interface, integrated analytical tools, user-customized dashboards, document management and instant collaboration in a single intelligent architecture Suite App.

As a transformative customer engagement methodology, Oracle NetSuite Suite Success builds on industry best practices and enables you to get the most from your ERP while ensuring a successful implementation in record time. By leveraging the unparalleled expertise of Oracle NetSuite and its partners in the retail, software and web, wholesale, distribution and not-for-profit industries, Suite Success delivers tangible results, Decision analysis and integrated customizations suitable for industries:

The advantages of the all-in-one NetSuite platform

The NetSuite financial management solution reduces financial close-out time, sports tight expense management, provides streamlined and verifiable revenue management, and exposes full real-time visibility into the company’s financial performance.

NetSuite’s One World addresses the complex needs of mid-sized businesses for multinational and multi-branch management.  NetSuite’s sales force automation software makes it easier for businesses to integrate all processes: Opportunities, Upsell, Quotes, Sales Forecasting, Order Management, Fulfillment and Sales. Offer a true multi-channel experience to your customers for your products and services thanks to a single cloud-based platform that links e-commerce, in-store purchase orders and order management to your administrative systems.  NetSuite app warehouse and inventory management software allows you to consolidate your inventory management systems into a single, integrated inventory control solution, effectively managing all stages of the product lifecycle and administer the different business sectors of your company.

Sales forecasts can be confusing at times for your management team. NetSuite CRM + takes the guesswork out of it and replaces it with real-time sales data, full visibility into opportunities, and a rich set of forecasting tools.

To build a global information system, capable of managing all the trades of a rapidly expanding company and anticipating increases in load, it seemed logical to rationalize and standardize the systems used, like GM who wanted to switch between 2000 and 2010 from 70 to 6 different SI. Two main options usually emerge: choose the software suite from a single vendor, correctly covering the vast majority of needs or select the best products available on the market, by type of activity (finance, logistics, PLM, etc.) then do them. To talk to; with in both cases a possible recourse to specific developments in limited numbers as far as possible.

In fact, in 2013, “commercial” ERPs knew a priori how to meet the needs of an automobile production line: SAP, for example, was already propelling Porsche, a benchmark in the sports automobile sector. In addition, an IS project can be nimbly structured in successive phases, organized by priorities, so as to reduce the implementation time.

Tesla did not seem to lack the financial or technological resources to successfully implement an ERP Manufacturing. Why then take the risk of building an internal tool in such a short time, even if it means “reinventing the wheel” and reproducing what standard ERPs manage to do after several years of research and development, without however being sure of being able to easily do it? Maintain and scale it up?

It’s important to note that this is the e-Commerce & Logistics part of Tesla’s ERP here: in other words, what differentiates how to buy a Tesla from how to buy. a Chevrolet Bolt EV. The Design Studio Tesla allows for its Model S, X or 3 , an almost unique model, thanks to the wide range of configuration. It’s also possible, in theory, to late change your mind and tweak an option even when your future car is on production lines (unfortunately, I couldn’t verify this theory for dark material reasons).

Why Your NetSuite CRM is missing the Mark (And How to Fix It)
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