Warren Van Dam Gives An Insight into The Iconic Dishes of The San Diego Region

When it comes to the food of San Diego, there are several iconic and signature dishes you should try out. It is a very vibrant county abundant with amazing food and delicious coffee. This region is a welcoming haven for both the locals in the area and tourists. It has a rich coffee culture that many people are completely unaware of.

Warren Van Dam is a food critic and blogger from the San Diego region in California. He always looks forward to new eateries in his area. He loves to try out popular food trucks, restaurants, cafes, and dessert shops in the city. He likes to connect with other foodies and often posts fun reviews of the places he visits to be excited about trying good restaurants and food.

A meal is better with a loved one

For him, the enjoyment of a meal is much more than the food that is being served. He says that a meal becomes much better when it is enjoyed with a loved one. This is the reason why he often tries out different restaurants and dining spots in his city. Along with his family and friends, he loves to try out different dishes so that he can happily share them with them.

Check out the following signature dishes in San Diego

When it comes to the San Diego region, he says that the following signature dishes are quite famous-

  1. Carne Asada Fries- This dish is an iconic staple from the San Diego County and has thinly sliced strips of shredded cheddar cheese, guacamole, crema, cotija, and thinly cut fries. It is a very popular side dish in America and one of the most surprising dishes that will delight your taste buds, he says. You can find them in Lolita, located in East Village and Kearny Mesa makes a unique version of this popular dish.
  2. Double Bacon Cheeseburger- There are many food establishments in San Diego that have the classic double bacon cheeseburger on their menu. However, he recommends you try out Hodad’s version at Ocean Beach and Downtown. Their take on this highly beloved sandwich is perfect with respect to size, and this is a pleasant surprise that you will never find in several of the fast-food versions.
  3. California Burrito- He recommends you to try out Nico’s Mexican Food’s California Burrito as it is a legendary meal with a unique taste here. You can order the California Burrito in its most basic levels and Carne Asada Fries in a burrito form here.

Warren Van Dam always makes it a point to visit well-known eateries and new cafes in the city. He supports them, and when he tastes their specialties, he posts his honest reviews about them. Besides dining out, he also loves sampling the recent food trends that he gets online. Today, several people are becoming home chefs, and he is one individual who will not be left out when it comes to making and enjoying the above trendy eats.

Warren Van Dam Gives An Insight into The Iconic Dishes of The San Diego Region
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