Stephen Stapinski Andover – What Makes a Great Building Contractor

When it comes to civil engineering and buildings, one must ensure that the contractor on the project is highly skilled and licensed in the field. The building contractor seals with all the matters that relate to design and architecture. Before you hire a contractor, he must have at least 3 to 5 years of experience in the field. This is vital for projects that involve companies and partnerships. However, you can hire a new contractor for projects of a smaller size if you wish.

Stephen Stapinski Andover is a respected name in the field of civil engineering in the USA. He is a PLS President at Merrimack Engineering Services at Andover in Massachusetts. In the past, he was a Project Manager at the Zayo Group and also worked in Nestle.

He also has a keen interest in photography. He shares valuable tips regarding the different types of photography like architectural photography, wedding photography, and more on his blog.

Coming back to building and construction projects, he says when it comes to the management of any construction contract, the project needs an expert with the technical knowledge and experience on how to deal with it from start to finish. Merely hiring a qualified engineer for the project for its actual execution is not enough.

The qualities of good contractors and why should you hire them?

When it comes to the qualities of a good contractor, he should have-

  1. A license for building projects in the region.
  2. Experience when it comes to building projects similar to your needs.
  3. Strong communication skills.
  4. Proven track records of work along with positive client testimonials and reviews.
  5. An eye for detail.
  6. A problem-resolving attitude.
  7. Dedication and commitment towards the successful completion of your project.

Should you hire someone new for your project?

You need to be careful when you need to hire someone new for the project in an area where there might be a dearth of good professionals. It would be best if you took the locals’ recommendations to locate an excellent professional whom you can trust for the project at hand.

When you are hiring a contractor for your project, he or at least one member from his team assigned for your project should be technically qualified. You must ensure that the contractor you hire should have previous experience of constructing a similar building as invited by the tender.

Generally, good and experienced contractors work in major towns and cities, so if you consider a building project in a rural area, you might need to hire someone new in the field. In fact, credible contractors hired from the city or a major town will have little practical knowledge of the challenges faced in rural areas. In the above respect, Stephen Stapinski advises you should hire a local contractor for the project to complete it successfully. Moreover, challenges can be overcome quickly, and the project can be completed on time.

Stephen Stapinski Andover – What Makes a Great Building Contractor
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