Joon Faii Ong – Gyro Glove and Its Role in Treating Hand Tremors

Shaking hands are known as hand tremors, and contrary to popular belief, a hand tremor is not a threat to your life. However, it does make daily tasks and chores difficult. Hand tremors can also be an early sign of a specific degenerative or neurological disease.

Joon Faii Ong is the CEO and Founder of GyroGear, the manufacturer of the GyroGlove that is popular across the world today for helping people with hand tremors. His unique invention has been specially designed to reduce hand tremors caused by neurological diseases like Parkinson’s Disease.

He graduated with a degree in the field of medicine from The Imperial College in London and went on to graduate with an honors degree. At the same time, he actively participated in many high-profile research initiatives conducted by the Harvard-MIT Health Science and Technology Division and Harvard Medical School.

Today, he has taken out some time from his busy schedule as a cranio-facial and reconstructive surgeon to develop potential solutions to assist about 200 million people across the globe with hand tremors.

Within two years of his graduation, he received an award of $3.3 million as grant funding. Today, his esteemed work is covered by prominent publications like the BBC, Financial Times, The Washington Post, MIT Technology Review, and Popular Science.

How does Gyro Glove help patients with hand tremors?

There are health conditions like stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, and hyperthyroidism that cause hand tremors. This involuntary shaking of the hands adversely affects a person’s daily life in multiple ways. Most of the patients cannot do a lot of tasks or even hold objects without dropping them. Regular tasks like writing and cooking are affected.

During his college days, when he was a student, Dr. Ong received the inspiration to invent the Gyro Glove after he witnessed an elderly woman desperately struggling to drink her soup. He did not want to focus on any concept with medication. So, he donned the mantle of an engineer and scientist and conceived a mechanical solution that revolved around a gyroscope’s technicalities.

At GyroGear, he began working with a skilled team of healthcare experts, designers, and engineers. They were dedicated to building a device that would boost patients’ quality of life with hand tremors. The goal here was such patients should live a life of dignity and independently do daily tasks without depending upon others.

The Gyro Glove has been inspired by the aerospace technology that uses gyroscopes. They are spinning discs that conserve the angular momentum to aid an object to remain upright even when in motion. For people with hand tremors, the gyroscope counters this constant motion with balance and swiftness.

Joon Faii Ong and his team of specialists considered the use of gyroscopes to be the ideal option that will help in the stabilization of hand movements. From the beginning, the whole team has worked closely with every patient. Each of their features underwent detailed design, testing processes, and engineering, and it was included only if it produced notable and real benefits. The goal of GyroGear is to finalize the design and the engineering of the Gyro Glove so that it can pass through regulatory approval with success!

Joon Faii Ong – Gyro Glove and Its Role in Treating Hand Tremors
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