Anouk Govil – The Feasibility of Vaccine Mandates For Salaried Employees In The Construction Industry

The recent COVID-19 Pandemic has forced several changes in contractors’ manner to conduct business today in the construction industry. With offices and projects reopening in the USA, they had to re-evaluate and introduce fresh protocols for safety, reorganize the work schedules for accommodating social distancing and send many administrative employees home to carry out their work tasks.

Anouk Govil is passionate about Economics and finds it to be amazing as a subject. She says that the world works based on Economics, and you can find the answers to people’s relationships and money with it. She hails from New York and also has a deep interest in the construction industry in the USA.

When it comes to the construction industry, she says no one ever thought that remote work from home was possible in this sector. However, the Pandemic made it possible. She adds that with vaccinations being rolled out to most parts of the nation today and most offices are ready with personal protection equipment and new layouts, safety has improved for employees.

Companies in the construction company are now deciding when and how they can again reintroduce their staff to a regular work schedule or make it as normal as possible. Some esteemed construction companies have issued circulars to their salaried employees that should report to the office and be vaccinated in the coming months. As of now, the employees are mostly working in both rotational and remote work from home shifts.

Reasons for these vaccine mandates

When it comes to vaccine mandates for salaried employees of construction companies, the reasons are quite simple. The company has to get the work done, and during the Pandemic, operations did not stop because of remote work from home, but the volume of work did slow down. Construction companies can’t ask all of their employees to work from home. They are requirements for workers to be in office and on the premise of customers as well.

Exemptions from the vaccine

When it comes to the vaccine mandates, it was observed that there were a few salaried employees that asked to be exempt from vaccinations purely because of medical or religious beliefs.

Getting vaccinations and resuming full work operations also sends a message to clients that they can come back and work safely in offices again. Some construction companies agree that there might be some customers who would need the workers on the premises to be vaccinated. So, the vaccine mandates for employees here will be useful.

Anouk Govil sums up by saying that construction companies did face the blow of the pandemic in a really big way. This is why they need to resume regular operations and bounce back. Vaccine mandates will boost safety for both employees and customers; however, its real benefits to the construction sector are yet to be seen with time. So it is a good idea to get the vaccine.

Anouk Govil – The Feasibility of Vaccine Mandates For Salaried Employees In The Construction Industry
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